Can DRY SHINE scratch the finish of my car?

Absolutely not.

How is this possible?

DRY SHINE is a surface-active agent (SAA), which works through emulsification. This means it will saturate, surround, soften and lift all of the dirt sticking to your car, so that you can wipe it clean using a microfibre cloth.

What is the difference between a dry polisher and DRY SHINE?

Dry polishers, as the name indicates, serve only to polish a vehicle.

DRY SHINE not only washes your car, but its high concentration in carnauba wax will wax your vehicle, leaving it with showroom-quality brilliance. It is the only product that’s both a dry wash and wax.

How does DRY SHINE remove the dust?
It’s simple. When you spray DRY SHINE, you’ll notice immediately that it does not slide off the surface. It forms a thick wax rather than foam, adhering to the place it was sprayed. It is this quality of the product that enables it to remove all of the dirt with none of the risk. Moreover, because it does not evaporate, it is able to efficiently soak, surround and soften the dirt, as mentioned above.
How does it protect my finish?

A car body is composed of the body panel, a primer substrate, a base coat and a clear-coat finish.

DRY SHINE seals the clear coat and acts as a protective barrier against invisible pollutants, such as UV rays, sea salt, industrial smoke and acid rain contaminants, as well as against visible pollutants, which include tar, diesel, dust, grease, dirt from roads and bird excrement, DRY SHINE absorbs and lifts all of these pollutants, prolonging the life of your clear coat.

How long does it last?

Approximately 8 to 10 weeks, regardless of the vehicle and road conditions.

How many applications are there in one can?

One can allows for a minimum of 3 washing/waxings. It’s also important to remember that the second application requires less DRY SHINE, because each application protects your car.

Will DRY SHINE applied on the windows distort my field of vision?
Not at all. It forms a clear and transparent film that does not distort your field of vision. On the contrary, you will notice when it rains that the unsightly traces of grease that almost always remain on the windshield are gone. DRY SHINE can be used on all outside surfaces of your vehicle and lasts 4 to 6 weeks. Once you have used DRY SHINE an initial time, you can repeat the application without having to prepare your windshield for the second application.
I heard that DRY SHINE also cleans the rims? Is this true?
Yes! From now on your rims will be shiny, waxed and protected. Moreover, DRY SHINE contains no abrasive solvents, so it is completely safe for rims. This is important, because abrasive solvents can damage rims. DRY SHINE is effective, yet mild. It poses no danger to the brakes or ABS.
Does DRY SHINE clean plastics?

Yes—hard and non-porous plastics and fibreglass.

Can I use DRY SHINE to clean the inside of my car?

No, it is a wax and is specially designed for exterior use.

Can I use it on a motorcycle seat?

No, you risk slipping off!

And you say that I can use it to clean the salt that’s accumulated on my car during the winter?
Yes, absolutely! As long as you apply it dry and in a heated area. It removes salt contaminants. It’s easy, and the results will astound you. In conclusion, in DRY SHINE you will find a product ideally suited for a wide range of automobile maintenance needs. It requires no water, is clean to use, and you can use it where you want, when you want, in no time at all. Did you know that normal car washing consumes between 170 and 300 litres of water? For most of us, that also means using potable water…and washing is only the beginning of the chore!
What else do I need to use it?
All you need are microfibre cloths, which are reusable and last a long time.
In what kind of weather can I use DRY SHINE?

As with any wax, a temperature of at least minus 10° C. to plus 30 C. is recommended. If possible, apply DRY SHINE in a shaded area.